Why Meditation?

Why Meditation?56473_464397150788_725960788_5455702_7613079_o

Edit: Ven. Vimalananda Thera
Abbot: Moitreepur Meditation Centre
Eitchari, Khagrachari.

People continually seek ways to increase their happiness, inner and harmony. to public opinion happiness is got through wealth power, social status. Or through the use of a toothpaste, facial cream, or by driving a certain car- at least that is what the advertisements say. They seek solution to their problems through their family, jobs, partners, friends, etc. They try to change external conditions in their physical, social and political environment this way and then that way, because they believe that when the world finally becomes ‘perfect’, they become happy and peaceful. But they forget that conditions change all the time and unceasingly. Just before the fulfillment of their dreams, things change and promise of happiness fades away like the morning mist at daybreak. The harder one tries to reach out for happiness, the more it seems so elusive like a fluttering butterfly which is enticingly near, but impossible to catch.

The catch is that most people adopt the wrong methods to find peace and harmony. They seek them outside themselves into the external world, instead of looking within themselves. Many are beginning to discover the real source of their happiness and troubles: the mind. And to turn their attention to the ‘inner man’, the mind, meditation is the way.

Today meditation appeals to so many people from all walks of life and amongst various races and religions. Why? Because the mind works regardless of the race or religion a person belongs to. The task of use it effectively in daily life. The mind is the key to happiness, and also the key to misery. to understand the mind and use it well is a task that transcends racial, cultural and religion barriers. Meditation can indeed be practiced by anyone regardless of his religious label.


 Benefits of Meditation

Man is so busy seeking various ways to gain pleasure in today’s rat-race. What has meditation are as follows:-

* If you are a busy person, meditation can help you to get rid of tension and to find some relaxation.

* If you are a worried person, ca help to calm you and help you to find either permanent or temporary peace.

* If you are a person who has endless problems, meditation can help you to develop courage and strength to face and overcome problems.

* If you lack self-confidence, meditation can help you gain to self-confidence you need. This self-confidence is the secret of success.

* If you have a fear in you heart, meditation can help you to understand the real nature of the object that are making you afraid- than you can overcome the fear in your mind.

* If you are always dissatisfied with everything- nothing in life seems to be satisfactory- meditation will give the chance to develop and to maintain some inner satisfaction.

* If you are sceptically and disinterested in religion, meditation can help you to go beyond your own skepticism and to see some practical value in religion guidance.

* If you are frustrated and heart-broken due to lack of understanding of the nature of life and the world, meditation will truly guide you and help you to understand that you are disturbed by unnecessary things.

* If you are rich man, meditation can help you to realize the nature of your wealth and how to make use of your wealth for your own happiness as well as for other.

* If you are poor man, meditation can help you to have some contentment and not to harbour jealousy towards those who have more than you.

* If you are a young man at the cross-roads of your life, and you do nt know which way to turn, meditation will help you to understand which is the road for travel to reach your proper goal.

* If you are am elderly man who is fed-up with life meditation will bring you to a deeper understanding of life; this understanding in turn will relieve you from the pains of life and will increase the joy of living.

* If you are hot-tempered, you can develop the strength to overcome this weakness of anger, hearted and resentment.

* If you are jealous, you can understand the danger of your jealousy.

* If you are a slave to your five senses, you can learn how to become the master of your sense-desires.

*If you are addicted to drinking or to drugs, you can realize how to overcome the dangerous habit which has enslaved you.

* If you are ignorant person, this meditation will give you a chance to cultivate some knowledge that will be useful and beneficial both to your friends and family.

* If you really practice this meditation, your emotion will have no chance to make you a fool any more.

* If you are a wise person, this meditation will take you o supreme enlightenment. Then you will see things as they are and not as they appear to be.

* If you are a weak-minded person, this meditation can strengthen your mind to develop your will-power in order to overcome our weaknesses.

These are some of the practical benefits that come from doing meditation. These benefits are not sale in any shop or department store. Money cannot buy them. They are yours for the practice of meditation. At the beginning this kind of mindfulness is really one ‘mindful’ mind watching other ‘minds’ (which are all within one’s own mental continuity of course). One thereby develops the ability to look into the mind and to see where it has gone to.

“May all beings be happy”

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