Venerable Banabhante came to the Rajbana Vihāra of Rangamati from langadu (Tintila) on the full moon day of the full moon day of Baishakh in 1977 and stayed there permanently. When Banabhante agreed to stay at Rangamati in 1974, many laymen and women came forward to build a Vihāra for his and his disciples’ stay.

A temporary committee was formed in 1974 to maintain the construction work of the Vihāra where Dr. Himangshu Bimal Dewan was elected the president and Mr. Tusthamoni Chakma was elected the general secretary of the committee. This committee was active from 1974 until June 1975. On June 8, 1975, a new Rajbana Vihāra Committee was formed, nominating Dr. Himangshu Bimal Dewan the chairman and Mr. Bankim Krishna Dewan the general secretary of the committee. This committee was conducted until May 22, 1976. On June 8, 1975, the Chakma Queen Arati Roy was made the Chief Adviser of an advising committee and Dr. Himangshu Bimal Dewan was further re-elected the chairman and Mr. Bankim Krishna Dewan the general secretary, along with other respectable people. The committee worked from May 23, 1976 until December 31, 1981. Meanwhile, the importance, spread, and activities of the Rajbana Vihāra were increased so that it required the approval of some rules in order to maintain the holiness of the Vihāra. For this, the Chakma King Debashish Roy introduced some rules in July 1981. Later, on December 27, 1981, King Debashish Roy was selected the chief organizer and Queen Arati Roy was selected the organizer of the committee. In addition, a third full- Vihāra maintenance committee was formed for the period of January 1, 1981 to April 26, 1984. Before today, the committee was re-formed several times. Venerable Banabhante changed the name of the Vihāra maintenance committee to Rajbana Vihāra Upāsaka-Upāsikā Parishad in 1999, and this name has remained unchanged.

The Rajbana Vihāra had been established to the current stage after many years of successive developments since 1974. All developmental works had been conducted by utilizing the donations of laypeople. In parallel, many government organizations and military authorities donated for the development of the Rajbana Vihāra. In addition, the contributions and enormous efforts of the members of the Rajbana Vihāra Upāsaka-Upāsikā Parishad were memorable. The main donators for the Vihāra’s developments are Chakma, Barua and Marma communities.

The following important constructions have been built up in the Rajbana Vihāra:

  • The universal prayer room in 1987
  • A Buddhist Vihāra with a Thai Buddhist statue in 1996
  • A Vihāra with Banabhante’s bronze staute in 1996
  • A two-storied dining halls in 1997
  • A statue of Upagupta Mahathera in 1999
  • The Rajban Vihāra Hospital in 2000
  • A Heaven building of seven stories in 2002
  • A doctrinal room in 2003
  • A modern residential building for Banabhante in 2008
  • A brick-built Bhikkhu Sima hall in 2008

Since the establishment of the Rajbana Vihāra in 1974, people at Rangamati have had chances to acquire the Punna by devoting to Venerable Banabhante and listening to his Sadhamma. Visitors come from many far places to see Banabhante and listen to his doctrines.