Future Plans


01. A Library-cum-Museum;

02. To establish a Pali Education Institute (Residential);

03. To establish full pledged Meditation Centers;

04. To establish Office-cum-Rest House;

05. To construct Residential buildings with Dinning Hall for the monks & Sramaneras;

06. To construct a building for the Uposhatha Sila devotees and others

07. To establish a Grand Peace Pagoda

08. To build an auditorium

09. To equip the Bana Vihara Hospital with modern facilities;

10. To establish a Mortuary for preservation and a Crematorium for ritual burning of

dead bodies.

11. To extend transport facilities by procuring vehicles & motorboats, etc.

12. To improve water & sanitation situation,

13.  Earth cutting and filling.

14. To promote boundary wall and retaining wall for soil-erosion protection.

15. To develop and beautify the inner roads of the complex.

16. To open up Bana Vihara branches at home and abroad.